The purpose of this website is to inspire you. It is to provide you with some basic information that you can use to support you in your healing. AND it is a gateway to connect if you are ready to make a change in your life.

As human beings we are wired for connection and when it is appropriate, compassionate expertise, connection can be healing.

Our nervous systems have developed over millennia to allow us to (mostly) unconsciously evaluate our surroundings, to make quick choices to keep us safe and out of harm. This inborn wisdom will do whatever it can to make sure we survive, even if this means ‘playing dead’ or being always ready for a fight, or antsy or disconnected and spacey.

Our intelligent nervous system is designed to be able to tolerate stress and return to a state of calm awareness, up to a point. When we have too much stress, or unrelenting stress for way too long, our nervous system does not reset. It gets stuck and stress does not go away even when we don’t need it. When the ‘threat’ is gone our body may still act as if it is there. This results in pain, anxiety, overwhelm and depression. When these four take over, it is easy to want them to ‘just go away’. We live in a culture that reinforces us in numbing out, through medication, meditation, media, technology, shopping, surgery, food……you get my point? What we forget is that there is a message in our suffering and that message is that something needs to change. The message is that our life is calling us to be more alive!

My background and experience in working with thousands of individuals has proven to me that healing is possible. Over and over I have been shown that trauma and pain (yes even the worst cases) can shift into ease, vitality, forgiveness, compassion and joy.

Watch some of the ‘Client Stories’ and better yet, find out for yourself by stepping through the gateway to connect.

If you are new on this journey of healing or if you have been walking this path for some time, I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Catherine