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I came because my friend said, “She does these magical flicky things and I feel better”.


I find myself coming back to Catherine and Network Care. I am a busy working mother of two and my body and my heart always know when I need to revisit. I find the most peace when I am here and after I leave. This work allows me to acknowledge my gratitude and my joy by softening and letting down my guard. This work makes me feel that I am important and to rediscover the things that make me happy.


My experience at Network Chiropractic was Great. When I was lying down the table for a while. I felt like I was going to float up in the air.

-Jarobi, Age 9

I was told by my physician about prescription drugs that I could take to relieve my pain. I didn’t want to take drugs. Luckily, for me, my physician was able to refer me to Dr. Hondorp, who has helped me help myself through Network Chiropractic. As time when on, she has shown me more and more ways to connect to self-healing. A lot of times I didn’t realize how much-it just seems to come more and more natural. Besides that, I’ve started thinking and looking at life more clearly, Things don’t seem to be overwhelming as they were. Thanks so much!

– Chris

I didn’t have time for an adjustment today, or so I thought, and now, after the adjustment, I have all the time in the world to talk and linger.

– Daniel

I had an accident, for a year the pain was unbearable. I never slept or woke without pain. I got headaches, almost had to stop any lifting, carrying or exercise of which I have been an advocate and pursuer for over 20 years. I saw a chiropractor who couldn’t even work with me to make adjustments for over 2 months. I had hydro, massage, heat and other treatments but nothing helped for more than an hour. Finally I found Catherine. I didn’t ‘buy’ the adjustments at first, but over time I rarely had pain upon sleeping, even started working out, lightly then more normally, now I have learned what to do when I feel pain. I feel more in touch with my body’s needs, limits and abilities. I feel graceful and more centered. Network is great! And Catherine is even better.

– Alicia

I was pretty sick for six years. Six years is a long time. I sat in a lot of offices reading the success stories of people. I thought maybe I would never get better. And then I started going regularly to Network. It’s been about 10 months I felt a difference right away and that has only continued. I feel incredibly thankful. Unlocking patterns of difficulty and blooming them into new and health ways of living, this is Network to me. !!!LIBERATING!!!

– Jenny

And some days it’s still hard and the stuff that comes up is icky and blech.. but I still can see that little flame inside of me and each day it glows more steadily and bigger and stronger and I know: I am amazing.

– Julie

I’ve been 5 feet and 10 inches for the last ten years, my dad’s 6 feet tall. Last week I went home to find I’m a good inch taller than him now. I thought I had finished growing at 18, little did I know ten years later I’d put on another 3 inches. Thanks Catherine.

– Keller

It was very different than I expected compared to other chiropractors that I’ve been to. I didn’t think I would feel any change because it was so low impact, but that’s what surprised me. Finally focusing on yourself in a wholly new way. Network allows you to take something away with you so you can use it, use you, use your breath everyday. Instead of being passive, it makes you take part in your healing.

– Paul