There is a daily reminder in Zen, “do not waste time, it is up to each of us to awaken, take heed and do not squander your life.”  

If you are reading this, it is definitely time…listen closely.  

With all of technology available today we humans are still functioning out of survival, we are NOT thriving.   Why is it that one out of seven children in the USA is still born into poverty?  Why is it that we have the food to feed the world and there is hunger and people, mostly children, are dying of famine?  Why is it that as mammals that care for our young yet we grow to be so disconnected from each other?  Why is it that wealth and success does not equal happiness?  Why is it that we are afraid to die yet continue to kill ourselves prematurely of poisons we choose to breathe, ingest and inject?  Why are our hearts so closed to each other that a gun is a solution to a problem?

As human beings we have survived disconnected from our bodies, our hearts and our humanity.  It is time to change.  Time to give up the addictions that are killing us.  Time to re-connect to our body’s wisdom, (yes it is still there).  Transform our conditioning and habitual patterns, reclaim our physiology, emotions, mind, spirit and communities.  Awaken to who we REALLY are!

We are alive in this world for a very short time.  It is a beautiful, nourishing planet that is very forgiving… up to a point.  We are our only hope.  As human beings at this time in our collective story, have the opportunity to shift the trajectory of this planet, that shift begins within our own bodies interconnected with other bodies.  

This is the chiropractic vision and mission that I am passionate about. This is strong and powerful healing.  This is living life fully.  Do not ignore the messages, listen, and answer the call to action.    

You are invited to take up the challenge, NOW IS THE TIME.