The Life Center for Network Care has designed various payment options to allow you to receive the excellent health care we offer, all within your budget.  We know that developing lifetime wellness strategies are the best way to prevent injury, illness and chronic pain.  Because of this, we encourage regular Chiropractic Care and offer affordable Wellness Plans for you and the people you care about.


It is a known fact that investing in and prioritizing one’s own health is essential in living a long healthy and vibrant life.  For these reasons we offer affordable care with substantial savings for those on wellness plans and for family members.


Many insurance plans these days, do include chiropractic care.  We are happy to bill on your behalf, though please know that you are responsible if your insurance company does not pay.   If you have a question about your coverage, please call our office (413) 586-8222 and our friendly helpful staff will answer your questions.


If you have been in an accident involving a motor vehicle, even if it is ‘minor’, it is important to have your spine and nervous system evaluated and cared for.  Research has shown that even years following an accident symptoms can occur,  so even if it felt like “just a little bump”, don’t wait to receive much needed care.  Auto Insurance usually covers chiropractic care.


Your health is of utmost importance and you are worth it.  Often we do not appreciate the gift of our health until it is impacted by injury or illness.  Investing in your well-being, developing ways to decrease current responses to stress and being able to re-negotiate past stress, are all ways to prevent a health crisis or injury further on.  When you compare costs, chiropractic is less expensive and more effective than medication or surgery.   Furthermore it provides lasting changes, has been proven to give ongoing ‘quality of life’ benefits, increases vitality and passion for life, and is enjoyable.