Dr. Catherine in Maine
Dr. Catherine at her first chiropractic job. (notice the watercolor)

I remember when I first heard about Network. I was in Chiropractic school in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri it was 1993.

The year before, I had decided to switch my career from being a modern dancer and adjunct university dance faculty scurrying around New York City, with catering on the side to help with the bills to something more dependable, less esoteric. I chose Chiropractic school over Alexander Technique. So off I went to Missouri, where I struggled through science pre-requisites and then enrolled into Logan Chiropractic school.

It was there in the midst of pathology, physiology, neurology classes that I heard about this thing called Network. Network Chiropractic as it was known at the time, was not taught at school and the club was not ‘officially approved’ by the student club authorities. It was hush hush. One whispered when the students who had been to a seminar or two with this Dr. Epstein, the founder of Network Chiropractic would meet. At their clandestine unofficial club meeting, they spoke as if Network were some kind of mystical new age spirituality. Honestly, when I received the Network adjustment from these club leaders, I did not feel anything. So I went on to other, more scientifically based (or so I thought at the time) techniques, Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-Occipital Technique and Chiropractic Neurology were at the top of my list. These were tried and proven techniques, even though I began to wonder when one of my professors had us moving magnetic dials just using our minds in one of my classes. I believe I actually saw a little movement!   Still throughout my schooling I remained curious about this Network thing though I resisted exploring it because it just sounded too weird.

In my 10th semester externship I went to Maine. I met a couple of friends there who said that, “You must meet my chiropractors, they are wonderful and do this thing called Network”. After 3 different people suggested the same thing, all in one week, I figured it was fate and I surrendered and called them up.

It was an autumn afternoon when I arrived at The Chiropractic Family Wellness Center to observe. I had been used to private rooms for patient visits both in the school clinic and with the two docs that I had interned with, like in a medical doctors office. Here at the Network office, it was a different scene. I walked into a large open room with 6 chiropractic tables, beautiful watercolor pictures on the walls, crystals in the windows, you get the idea. The friendly receptionist gave me a chair in the corner of the room and I watched as the two women chiropractors moved around the room lightly touching the people on the tables. Some people spontaneously moved, made sounds, cried, laughed, took deep breaths. I was fascinated and warmed by the gentleness, the respect, the expression on the faces of the people.  Adults, babies and elders were all welcome into the community space. It was beautiful, different and touched me deeply.

The rest is history. Since that fateful moment I dedicated my professional practice to this ‘weird’ and wonderful esoteric approach. As it turned out before I left the Network office that autumn day in 1995, I was offered my first chiropractic job. They said they liked my energy. Surprised and without hesitation, I said “YES” to their offer.

I will always be grateful for their welcome, open -hearted trust, friendship and guidance. Thank you Drs. Meg Pickering and Caroll Coyle for opening the gateway to this exciting profound world of Network.

Saying YES or How I Found Network.